Terms and Conditions


Children are encouraged to experience the music-making and props in any manner they choose as long as it is safe and respectful towards others. Parents and care-givers are encouraged to model enjoyment and enthusiasm and to focus on their own music-making.  Excessive running, climbing, screaming or disturbing the teacher's props and music materials should be addressed by the parent or care-giver and, if the behavior is extreme, the child may need a short break outside the classroom.  If a child persists in unsafe behaviors (hitting, biting, kicking, etc.) after parental and teacher intervention and is hindering the overall music making experience for others on a consistent basis, then the teacher may ask for the child to no longer attend for some or all of the semester. 


Hatchling Music Together will provide eight class sessions and one make-up class per session. Attendance at class sessions is the choice and responsibility of the parent or care-giver. Tuition payments may be made in full upon registration, or a deposit of $50 may be made upon registration with the remainder due at the first class session. Family music materials cannot be given out till full payment is received, unless other arrangements have been made with Rosie.

Please make checks out to Hatchling Music Together.

We strive to ensure that each family has as complete and pleasant a music-making experience as possible. We do not generally refund missed classes and the cost of the family music materials cannot be refunded for any reason. However, special circumstances (severe illness, death in the family) will be addressed on a case by case basis.  Any concerns regarding ability to attend all eight sessions may be discussed with Rosie prior to payment of tuition.


Classes may be cancelled due to weather, illness, etc.  Families will be notified via email and/or phone.  If the full eight sessions are not provided, missed classes will be refunded--$5 per class per family.


Adult guests are welcome and may attend for free. Child guests are also welcome. The first visit to class is free, but repeated child visitors pay a fee of $5 per class unless the teacher has indicated otherwise. 

Please advise your class teacher if more than one guest will be attending with you.  


By referring a friend who subsequently registers for class, you will receive a $5 refund off of your tuition.           


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