What Parents and Teachers Say . . .

"My daughter was six months old when we began Music Together®. The class was able to hold her attention for the full amount of time. By the time the semester was done, she would get excited whenever we entered the space. Now she enjoys "singing" along in class."

"This semester has been a great experience and I feel that both my child and I have grown musically."

"I highly recommend this program to other parents. It is a unique experience that captures every child's developmental level musically."

"It's a fantastic program with an excellent teacher that allows children to learn about music in a fun, comfortable, and safe environment."

"My children love the class and have taken home wonderful, new skills and a sense of confidence in their musical abilities. It's well worth the 40 minute drive I must take to attend."

"Our teacher has so much energy in class! She makes class fun for all ages... maybe especially the parents! My three year old son talks incessantly about going to sing and dance with Rosie. We are learning so much from music class with her!"

My husband and boys went to the supermarket the other day and . . . they were listening to a music class CD. . . on the way into the supermarket Cameron was singing and dancing "When the Saints Go Marching In" and a couple came out of the store and thought he was cute and started singing and dancing with him. Matt said before he knew it there were at least 8 other people--adults!--singing . . . in the parking lot! I know how much Cameron really loves learning new songs, playing with instruments and new dances that maybe he wouldn't have known otherwise! Well, it really showed this day, and put a smile on lots of peoples' faces too! So, thanks for helping to broaden the boy's musical side! I hope you know we appreciate Music Together and you!"