Our Teachers

Our teachers love music and singing, dancing, playing with children.

They create a fun and informal social setting that spurs engagement

and supports each child's unique musical development.

photo Rosie Wright, Director

In the summer of 2018 Rosie took over as owner and director of Hatchling Music Together and is excited to continue offering the Joy of Family Music to local families and schools!

Rosie is a homeschooling mother of 5 young children, and she has found that music is just the right tool to help everyone get through each day and bring joy along the way..  Rosie has been a fan of Music Together® since she started taking classes with her oldest daughter in 2008.  The music was so enjoyable to listen to, (even for the adults!) and she continued to enjoy the music and take classes for many years!

When Caroline asked her to consider teaching, she couldn't ignore how much music has benefited and enriched her everyday life.  Rosie was excited to effectively use her talents to share the love of making music with others---so becoming a Music Together teacher was just right for her.  She loves having an opportunity to share her love of music with other families, as Caroline did for her family.  Rosie is so excited to share the joy of making music with other families in the North Country!


photo Angie Marchetti

Angie is a librarian and mother of two boys. She has attended Music Together with her own sons and has seen first hand the benefits of making musical memories as a family. After seeing her enthusiasm, musical ability, natural warmth and silliness in class, Caroline asked her to join the Hatchling Music Together teaching staff in 2014. Angie has worked with children of all ages in many capacities over the years through various library programs such as story time, lap-sit, craft days, and summer reading programs.  She has always loved music and has participated in various choral ensembles and choirs.  She is excited to share this play-centered, research-based curriculum--and the wonderful memories of making music together--with babies, toddlers, big kids and the grown-ups who love them!

photo Caroline Simon

Caroline grew up singing and dancing; performing in choirs and making music with her family. The positive role that music has played in her own life made her enthusiastic about encouraging families with young children to make music together. She believes that music is a gift from God which all people are meant to experience and enjoy. Music allows body, mind, emotions, and spirit to work in unison for self-expression and enrichment---it allows us to connect with others and with God. Caroline has a wide-range of classroom experience with students of all ages.  Caroline first attended Music Together classes in 2005 with her husband and two children. In 2006, Caroline began teaching Music Together and in 2008 became the owner and director of Hatchling Music Together--a role she happily turned over to Rosie Wright in 2018. She loves building relationships and sharing The Joy of Family Music® with her students--big and small! She plans on singing and dancing through life and then singing and dancing through eternity with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--who gave her the gift of MUSIC! In 2108, 

  Amy Weston